With a healing a client receives curing energy from the energetic world, which heals every type of human suffering: physical, mental and emotional. This energy is of high intelligence, which means it fights the cause, not the symptoms. The energy itself ‘knows’ where it is needed.

To become a healer, I had thorough education . During a healing I act as a so-called channel: I pass on the healing energy to the client. Because the energetic world is not dependent on time or place, a healing can also be given on a distance. With a healing in my office, I pass on the energy through touch, usually the shoulders of the client.

Healing is often given for multiple levels of the body. As stated, the energy itself ‘knows’ where the real cause of the complaint or problem lies. That’s why it can occur that you come with a physical reason, but the healing will be (first) used elsewhere. A healing can reduce your physical and mental complaints and even eliminate them completely. In addition, healing often provides important and interesting insights.

We are energetic beings with a physical body. The energetic being consists of different layers. The first three layers (emotional, mental and spiritual) should be in balance with the fourth layer "the physical body". We maintain this balance by: the right amount and quality of food, exercise, tension and relaxation and the processing of emotional and mental challenges.

When one or more of these areas is out of balance for too much time, we experience blockages, stress and physical discomfort. When this imbalance becomes chronic or permanent, more complex problems arise. Imbalance always starts in the energetic layers. When we are unable to resolve the imbalance there, the problem condenses itself and is expressed in the physical layer of our being. Then our body becomes sick!

At my office € 30,-
On a distance € 20,-

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