Reading & Spirit Art

Reading & Spirit Art

From the age of twelve I have been in contact with the "spiritual world", although I have not known for years what exactly happened. By following thorough education from teachers who work international at high level and according to SNU-guidelines, I learned what this contact meant and I developed myself as a medium.
To my own surprise, I also discovered being able to draw resembling portraits about diceased persons, personen te kunnen maken evenals tekeningen met boodschappen en helende werkingen (Spirit Art).

During a reading I can focus on important messages from the energetic world concerning yourself (psychic reading), or make contact with a loved one (mediumistic reading).

Spirit Art
Spirit Art is an addition to the reading. Herefore I have followed several educations.pleidingen Below you can read more about the different options that I can offer you during a reading. At the Gallery you can get an impression of my Spirit Art work.

Encaustic Art
(beeswax painting)
With the help of colored beeswax, I make a painting that is guided through the spiritual world. The colors, structures, symbols and figures have an important meaning.

Each color gives its own frequency/vibration with a healing effect on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The colors and the energy in the painting have an effect for months.It is therefore advisable to give the painting a place in your home where you can often see it.

Hierbij maak ik een connectie met de energetische wereld waardoor een tekening/schilderij tot stand komt dat mij veel over uw leven vertelt. Over gebeurtenissen, uw sterke punten en hetgeen extra aandacht nodig heeft. Daarnaast geeft het informatie over uw fysieke, mentale en spirituele situatie.
Kosten: € 295,-. Hoog kwalitatieve materialen: papier (25% katoen), Winsor & Newton watercolor en Indian ink, Viva Decor Inka-Gold metal paint, Panpastel, Faber Castell polychromos, alcoholinkt, Yupo paper, Micron fine liners, formaat: 400×500 mm.

Spirit portrait 
I make contact with a deceased loved one of yours. I portray this person with pencil and/or chalk. If your loved one wants to give a message or come in contact with their loved ones on earth, they can do so in this way.
Price: € 75,-

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