About me

About me

My life has made a drastic change. Although I already felt a strong interest in life wisdom (including spiritualism) at an early age, I also led a "regular" existence. For years I worked in the hospital as a medical coder and administrator. In addition, I have successfully managed my own catering company.

When I came in contact with De Zwanenhof in Zenderen, my life changed completely. This training- and retreatcentre offers education according the guidelines from SNU. Their teachers are mediums that work at a high international level. Most of them teach for years at the famous Arthur Findlay College at Stansted

The healings I received here for myself, improved serious physical and mental symptoms that I suffered from and in most cases even completely eliminated them. The disappearance of pain and discomfort made my life so much better. Every day I still experience astonishment and gratitude about this enormous positive turn in my life.
I decided I want to do the same for others. I stopped my company and immediately started following certified education.

Inmiddels ben ik secretaris bij de Stichting Spiritualisme en Mediumschap Nederland. Daarnaast geef ik teken- en schilderles en heb ik thuis een atelier gecreëerd waar ik werk aan mijn Spirit Art. Momenteel richt ik mij met name op auragraphs en illustraties voor een reeks spirituele kindersprookjesboeken.

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